Research Affiliates

Local and national scholars from a wide range of academic disciplines, methodological traditions, and research institutions have agreed to serve as research affiliates of LAERI and to participate in LAERI activities based on their interest, expertise, and availability. Members of this panel will be asked to consult with LAERI about research questions and approaches, review research products, or partner on grant proposals.

List of Research Affiliates

Jacob Adams
Nancy Adelman
Richard Arum
Mark Berends
Patricia Burch
Li Cai
William Carbonaro
William H. Clune
Gil Conchas
Sean P. Corcoran
William Corrin
Julie Berry Cullen
Alan J. Daly
Thomas S. Dee
Nell K. Duke
Susan Dynarski
Jana Echevarria
George Farkas
Marjorie Faulstich Orellana
Cynthia Feliciano
Kara S. Finnigan
Ken Frank
Andrew Fuligni
Bruce Fuller
Patricia Gándara
Karen Nylund Gibson
Kim Gomez
Paul Goren
Noelle C. Griffin
Dan Goldhaber
Nora Gordon
Michael A. Gottfried
Eric Grodsky
Laura Hamilton
Douglas N. Harris
Joan Herman
Tracy Huebner
Marsha Ing
Jo Ann Izu
Michal Kurlaender
Douglas L. Lauen
Ruth López Turley
Julie A. Marsh
Jose Felipe Martinez
Katherine E. Masyn
Jal Mehta
David Menefee-Libey
Xiaoxia A. Newton
John Novak
Gary Orfield
William Ouchi
Susan J. Paik
Charles M. Payne
David N. Plank
Morgan S. Polikoff
C. Patrick Proctor
Karen Hunter Quartz
Robert K. Ream
Sean F. Reardon
Sarah Reber
Michelle Riconscente
Stephanie Riegg Cellini
Joseph P. Robinson
Josipa Roksa
Heather N. Royer
Jesse Rothstein
Robert Rueda
Russell W. Rumberger
Barbara L. Schneider
Amy Ellen Schwartz
Julie Slayton
Katharine Strunk
Tina Trujillo
Sharon Vaughn
Jacob Vigdor
Paul von Hippel
Jim Wyckoff
Viki M. Young
John Yun

If you are a researcher who is involved in research that is aligned with LAERI's mission, and are interested in being a Research Affiliate, contact us at: info@laeri-dot-org.

Please include in the email the following information:


  1. Your name as you would like it listed on our website;
  2. If you would like your name to link to your webpage, please provide the URL for your webpage;
  3. A copy of your CV (or link to it) to help us identify interests/expertise as reviewing and project opportunities arise; and
  4. A short list of any additional areas of interest/expertise that might not be readily apparent from your CV.